Postdoctoral Fellowships with Mitacs Accelerate

Reintroducing Mitacs Accelerate Mitacs Accelerate has supported research collaborations between academia and industry since 2004.   
Oct 4 / 2018

"I want to talk to someone": The importance of psychosocial oncology

At the age of 37 and right on the heels of becoming a parent, Esther Sabet was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the weeks following, she was inundated with appointments and information concerning her chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Despite both understanding and appreciating the importance of all these appointments, her main priority was being able to cope emotionally.
Oct 4 / 2018

Been there, done that: Faculty advice from CFAR

Each year, the Department of Medicine undergoes the Continuing Faculty Appointment Review (CFAR) process for full-time clinical faculty from all position descriptions and academic ranks who have reached the end of their three-year probationary period. This is a mandatory review and is designed as a “check-in” to ensure that the faculty member has met the terms and conditions of their appointment to the Department.
Oct 2 / 2018
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